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Gamers have been having issues with input lags

Are you sad to see that the time for the PS4 is clearly coming to the end? And when do you think that Sony will officially stop manufacturing the console? Pac-Man Museum+ Apparently Broken on Xbox GamePassPac-Man Museum+ is available on several platforms on Friday which includes Xbox Game Pass.

A large number of subscribers were thrilled about the prospect of playing classic Pac-Man arcade titles as part of the subscriptions However, it appears the game is experiencing a number of technical issues in the present.

Through social media, several Xbox gamers have complained about issues with the collection for Xbox One, Xbox Series S in addition to Xbox Series X. According to reports, gamers have been having issues with input lags, the game's achievements, and having trouble getting the game to load in any way after the developer and publisher logos appear.

At this time, the problems are currently limited only to Xbox versions. I am currently writing an evaluation for that Nintendo Switch version of Pac-Man Museum+ but have yet to uncover any issues with lag, or difficulties in booting the game.

Hopefully, Bandai Namco will take notice of these issues and implement some changes on the Xbox versions of the game. for now, players might need to settle for something else to play on Game Pass!

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